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Choose your single

This choice is yours. Pick a single or even pick three. You get to decide which records we get to promote. We also have a team of curators that can help you find your strongest record. We know the market and we have a team here to help.

Identify your audience

Here you have two options to choose from: Targeting through Artist Similarity or through Location. Here’s a tip: It’s always better to select 3-8 artists within your genre and target their listeners. Pick what’s trending. The more listeners the better.

Launch a campaign

Sit back and watch the listeners come in. We do all the work for you. This is your time to work on more new music while we push your music to the max. Keep your socials updated and keep inspiring the world. Let us do the rest. Sit back and relax.

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Spotify Campaigns

Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns

You make the music. We spread it to the masses. Start your Spotify campaign today and gain new listeners, new followers and new streams. All 100% organic and safe.

Spotify Stream Trial - $149
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Starter - $375.00
Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns
Base - $550.00
Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns
Bronze - $900.00
Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns
Silver - $1600.00
Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns
Gold - $2300.00
Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns
Platinum - $3500.00
Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns
Elite - Start at $5000.00
Spotify Monthly Listener Campaigns
Instagram Campaigns

Organic Instagram Marketing Campaigns & Engagement Groups

We have access to the #1 Instagram marketing strategy of 2021. Have you heard how engagement groups are taking over social media? We have developed numerous groups of users who are ready to engage with your content. Need more comments? Need more engagement? Look no further. No bots, No fake profiles, 100% Organic and Real.

TikTok campaigns

Think you have a hit record? Want to get eyes on you? Get it on TikTok.

Pick from our network of over 400 engaging major and micro influencers to market your brand and music. From Addison Rae to Charli D'Amelio, we have the best of the best influencers. Launch a campaign on the world’s #1 leading platform.

Industry Leaders

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Not sure where to begin? Need some music advice? Schedule a consultation with one of our industry team members. We are here to help you so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.